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Perspective Reality

By Marsha Clarke The reality of progress is that it will often times fail and in some cases die completely.  The history of Virtual Reality always showed more hope than promise and has been resurrected so many times that a game of thrones character should be named after […]


VD Solutions

By Marsha Clarke For those of you not smart enough to have escaped to the rainforest right after MLK Day you’re making plans to either celebrate Valentine’s Day or turning your living room into an anti-love bomb shelter.  In any event, I would like to offer some suggestions […]

I Got A Story For You To See

By Marsha Clarke What started out as a experiment with two Automatic Polaroid Land cameras turned into a passion project that was encouraged by the few people who were allowed to view it. Former music producer turned photographer and visual artist J.Shotti is set to release his first book […]

Mad for Chicken in K-Town

By Marsha Clarke The start of fall always brings back childhood memories of school for me.  When a teacher was the person who made you confront your bully with verbal reasoning followed by a stiff punch to the belly button of that little jerk.  When you made new […]

I May Be Small, But I Am Strong!

By Marsha Clarke Yes Sugarcane, you are. Located in the Park Slope section of Brooklyn just a few blocks away from Barclays Center is Sugarcane restaurant. This very popular Caribbean spot has been serving Brooklyn and whoever is willing to make the venture out for over a decade. […]

Caribbean Descent

By Marsha Clarke If you live anywhere on God’s green earth I’m willing to bet that you have a friend of Caribbean descent, especially if you live in NYC.  You probably noticed that by the start of every summer they mysteriously disappear never to be heard of until […]

Smorgasburg at the Brooklyn Flea Market

By Marsha Clarke If you are walking through the Brooklyn Bridge Park on a Sunday afternoon minding your own business, secretly judging hipsters and you see a congregation of people at food tents….Run!  And you should run right into that place called Smorgasburg.  This operation of Brooklyn Flea, which […]