Korean Town

Mad for Chicken in K-Town

By Marsha Clarke

The start of fall always brings back childhood memories of school for me.  When a teacher was the person who made you confront your bully with verbal reasoning followed by a stiff punch to the belly button of that little jerk.  When you made new friends by sharing snacks and your coolness was judged according to what you chose to eat for lunch.  As an adult I find myself wishing more and more that I could go back to those days, and punch more bullies.  Oh well… at least as an adult I can go to Turntable Mad for Chicken Retro Bar and Restaurant, and drink beer for lunch.

The name is a mouthful, but once dissected it makes perfect sense. 

Turntable: They have a vinyl filled DJ booth that is guarded by a proud chicken. I believe the chicken is there to guard the vast music library and to ensure the integrity of the music that is played.  Who doesn’t want to eat a bulgogi burger and drink beer while listening to Sinatra’s My Way and Ben Webster’s Someone to watch over me.

Mad for Chicken: Their Korean fried chicken is so good I think it could win the next mayoral election for NYC.  Served in two flavors of Hot & Spicy and Soy Garlic it will make you proud to have teeth.  “Sometimes when I’m eating it, I forget to breathe”.

Restaurant: You get to sit down at a table, eat, drink, pay and leave happy.

And, Retro Bar: The DJ booth isn’t décor.  Various DJ’s get their chance to spin and even host retro night.  On their Facebook page you will find the dates and the tracklist to the songs that will be played. 

Here the chicken is king, but please take a look around the castle because everything on this menu is delicious.  From the side of kimchi to the strawberry mojito.  The service may seem slow but that’s because of food jealousy. Don’t be like that! They didn’t forget you, and to prove it they will bring you something for you to snack on.  This is a great place take people who you absolutely can’t get enough of and people who make you feel like running in the opposite direction on sight.

The entrance is ominous, but you’re a New Yorker you’ll find it.  Use your tools.

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