I Got A Story For You To See

By Marsha Clarke

FullSizeRenderWhat started out as a experiment with two Automatic Polaroid Land cameras turned into a passion project that was encouraged by the few people who were allowed to view it.

Former music producer turned photographer and visual artist J.Shotti is set to release his first book entitled Every Two Weeks this year.  The book is a collective of photographs developed into stories during the span of two weeks throughout New York City.

Clarke: Why did you start this project?

J.Shotti:  I like being able to tell a story. As a photographer I’m able to come in contact with all types of people and form a connection.  You get to learn people.

Usually during the Winter months most photographers travel to warm sunny places to shoot, but if you are in NYC you notice that the work slows down a bit.  During that time I picked up a Polaroid just to play around with and little did I know it just turned into something.

Clarke: How much of your background as a producer is reflected in the book?

J.Shotti:  A tremendous amount.  This project is very reminiscent of how I would produce music; I would take individual stories and put them together to make a grand scene.  Photography and music both receive unique reactions from people, usually they love it or hate it and from those reactions a story is formed.  I am able to change the way people see the world through both mediums.

Clarke: What have you observed about your work since the project?

J.Shotti:  It’s made me more of an aware artist.  Shooting this project forced me to examine the work from a simple eye.  I’ve scaled back on lighting a lot, and focused on the subject matter of my photographs.

Clarke: What do you want your audience to take away from Every Two Weeks?

J.Shotti:  I want people to tell me their own  Every Two Weeks stories and find similarities to people they  may view as different .  Feel Something… because that puts a value on it.

Every Two weeks will be released in early 2015. To find out more about the artist and view his collection of work, visit his website and sign up for the mailing list.

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