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Did Edgar Allan Poe Live in New York?

Did you know the house where Edgar Allan Poe lived and worked for the last three years of his life is in the Bronx?  Well, believe it and get ready to hop on the D or 4 train up to Kingsbridge Road.


Kids Who Code

By Denise Oliveira Maurya Couvares was named one of “Seven Millennials Who Are Too Busy Changing the World to Take Selfies” by The Huffington Post last year. Founding ScriptEd – a non-profit that helps kids in under-resourced high schools learn to code – is her latest accomplishment. “I think […]

I Got A Story For You To See

By Marsha Clarke What started out as a experiment with two Automatic Polaroid Land cameras turned into a passion project that was encouraged by the few people who were allowed to view it. Former music producer turned photographer and visual artist J.Shotti is set to release his first book […]

Trading Stories for Kites

By Denise Oliveira Still looking for something artsy to do this weekend? Check out Field Day, a 2-day festival created by The Laundromat Project, where you can both see and make art, all while getting immersed in three distinct New York neighborhoods. On Saturday from noon to 5 in Harlem […]

Here and There in NYC

By Seth Fera-Schanes Wander around nyc for 10 minutes and chances are you will find something that makes you want to bring out your camera and take a picture.  Well, at least reach into your pocket and grab your smartphone for a quick pic.  Then you can apply […]

Gun Hill Brewery

Gun Hill Brewing Company, located in the Bronx, started up in 2014 and are producing some tasty beers.  The facility is open to the public so you can stop in and try their products.  The staff will also provide short but highly informative tours upon request.