Bronx Botanical Garden Holiday Train Show

The annual holiday train show is back at the Bronx Botanical Garden.  The show runs from November 16th through January 12th and features model trains and the NYC skyline made entirely out of plant material.

Last year I had mentioned this is a great date spot.  Two of my married friends headed up for the afternoon and they said the outing did not disappoint.  They were also kind enough to contribute some photos from their trip.

A few notes before heading up to the garden.

1.  Buy your tickets in advance.

2.  Tickets are for specific times so plan your trip up accordingly

3.  You can take both Metro North train or NYC subway up to the Bronx.  I suggest the train because it will get you there a lot quicker.

4.  There will be a large crowd.  But if you are with a cool person, that shouldn’t  bother you too much.

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