Did Edgar Allan Poe Live in New York?

Did you know the house where Edgar Allan Poe lived and worked for the last three years of his life is in the Bronx?  Well, believe it and get ready to hop on the D or 4 train up to Kingsbridge Road.

A few things to know before you head out on your adventure.

  1.  The cottage is only open 4 days a week – Thursday-Sunday.  They also open at 10am three of those days and 1pm on Sunday.  They also close at 3pm, 4pm and 5pm depending on the day of the week.  Bottom line: check the calendar before you go.
  2. Entry is $5 dollars ($3 for students)
  3. There is a helpful ‘guided tour.’  The cottage is only a few rooms and the information is good but you won’t be walking too much.
  4. A 17 minute informational video will end the tour.  Again, helpful information but it is on VHS and could use a streaming update….

Plan to spend about 30ish minutes at the cottage.  Worth the trip but by no means a long stop.The Edgar Allen Poe Cottage

When you exit the cottage, walk about 1/4 mile west to look at the Kingsbridge Armory.  It is fenced off but getting a sense of the size, what was housed inside and facade are worth a 10 minute picture taking walk around the perimeter.  For those who live in the city you will know there is a proposal to turn the armory into a mega ice skating complex.

This article should technically be called the 2.5 stop adventure in the Bronx but we will say I threw in a freebie side trip. Now onto the second part of our outing.Kingsbridge Armory

Bronx Zoo

You can take a 35 minute bus, 15 minute Uber or walk (but it actually is a little far so go with one of the first two options) from the Poe Cottage.

Opened in 1899, this is one of the largest city zoos in the world.  In addition to the animals, it really is a large tree covered park with the Bronx River flowing through it.  You can easily knock on a 5 mile walk just getting around the grounds.  The zoo is open everyday of the week from 10am-5pm and worth a visit with your friends, family or a date.Path at the Bronx Zoo

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