Escape from New York

Afternoon in Cold Spring

Cold Spring is a town of about 2,000 located right on the Hudson River and a 70 minute train ride from Manhattan.  It is no secret to people in the Hudson Valley and NYC but if you haven’t made the time to visit, be sure to schedule a 3/4 day visit in the immediate future.

This is the perfect trip to decompress from city stress.  The scenic Metro North train ride along the Hudson is worth the adventure alone.

Things to do in Cold Spring:

  •  Hike.  The surrounding area is full of trails.  You can do an easy but educational walk at the West Point Foundry or leave the city limits for something a little more vertical and strenuous.
  • Shopping.  This is a town along the Hudson River and there is no shortage of antique shops and art galleries.
  • Boscobel.  About a mile from Cold Spring, this historic house, immaculate grounds and sweeping views of the Hudson are a must see.
  • Kayaking.  In the warmer Spring and Summer months you can rent kayaks and go on guided tours.
  • Fishing.  The water is perfect so bring your gear or look up a local guide to take you out on the water.

Cold Spring is perfect for all seasons but there are going to be more outdoor activity opportunities in warmer months.  The fall is probably one of the the most comforting with the leaves, picture opportunities and general sweater weather fun.

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