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Distance Workout in the Bronx and Westchester County

The former New York and Putnam railroad has been reborn into a nicely paved pathway that is ideal for distance workouts.  I use the trail for bike rides but LSD (long slow distance) day runs would also work.  

I split the workout into 3 segments (with one additional option to get home.)  


Untermyer Park and Gardens: Just 1 Hour North of New York City

If you were living in New York and wealthy at the end of the 1800’s what did you do with that money?  Build an estate or vast gardens along the Hudson River, obviously.

This wealth lives on and can be enjoyed by current New York City residents and visitors.

Untermyer Park and Gardens is one such example.  Located approximately 20 miles north of midtown Manhattan, you can take the train, car service, bike or drive your way to this venue.

Afternoon in Cold Spring

Cold Spring is a town of about 2,000 located right on the Hudson River and a 70 minute train ride from Manhattan.  It is no secret to people in the Hudson Valley and NYC but if you haven’t made the time to visit, be sure to schedule a 3/4 day visit in the immediate future.

Hard Workout Along the Hudson River Greenway

Picture a path in the city that is both scenic and not congested with tourists and residents.  A place like this exists on the Hudson River Greenway if you start at 125th street in Manhattan and head north.

You can access the path right off the 1 train at the 125th street subway stop.  Walk a few minutes west past Dinosaur BBQ and Fairway Grocery store and you will be met with a panoramic view of the Hudson River and New Jersey.

Summer Nights in New York

By Seth Fera-Schanes Summer in the city is a showcase of the weather’s emotions.  Hot and humid one minute, pouring rain the next.  90 degrees on a Saturday and 66 on Sunday.  The ups and downs can be a little hard to understand but there are perfect moments […]

Visiting Le District and Le Battery

By Elissa Gilbert You walk past palm trees in the sun-filled atrium of the Winter Garden to the entrance of Le District, so visiting the new Francophiliac shop in Battery Park City brought the Riviera to mind more than Paris. The decadence of a French vacation starts as […]