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Distance Workout in the Bronx and Westchester County

The former New York and Putnam railroad has been reborn into a nicely paved pathway that is ideal for distance workouts.  I use the trail for bike rides but LSD (long slow distance) day runs would also work.

I split the workout into 3 segments with one additional option to get home.

Segment 1

Ride up to Van Cordlandt Park.  Depending on where you start in the city there are a few options you can take.  I made my way uptown and then onto Harlem River Drive which took me to the Broadway Bridge and into the Bronx.

Once at Van Cordlandt Park, ride along the perimeter staying on Broadway; don’t go into any paths that cut through the park.

Notes:  There are a few twists and turns to get onto South County Trailway so do consult your map before heading out.

For me,  at the top of the park I take a right onto Caryle Ave and then another right at Carlye Ave and Van Cordlandt Park Ave (and up a short but very steep hill with a Do Not Enter sign for cars.)  I follow the road for a another mile and then take a left onto Tibbetts Road and then a left onto Alan B Shepard Jr. Place.

This is the access point to the South County Trailway and only about 1/2 mile from the start from Van Cordlandt Park.


South County Trail in the Fall.  Photo Credit: HamTech87 – Photo taken by Iphone

Segment 2

The South section of the trail is 14 miles.  The path is smooth with some long gradual inclines.  Many sections are fully tree lined with a couple parks, small lakes and the Saw Mill River on the right.

The path is reserved for recreational use so there are no cars.  You will see a mix of locals and city dwellers running, biking and walking along the path.

Segment 3

Once you come to the end of the South trail, there is a gate and a cross street.  Look to your left and about 100 yards down the road is the entrance to the North County Trailway.  Be sure to use the crosswalks when finding you way across the street.

The North section of the trail is 22 miles.  The path is also paved with some gradual inclines.

At this point you can make a decision how far north you would like to ride.  Depending on your fitness level you can do the full length and then turn around and ride back to the city (or turn around at any point along the path.)

Bikeride North County Trailway

MapMyRide Route I took – 35 mile ride one way. Train back to NYC from Tarrytown

Getting Home

I typically ride between 30-40 miles for a long workout.  The benefit of this ride is it cuts through Westchester County and the MTA has both the Harlem Line and Hudson Line trains available to come back into the city.

Simply check which train is closest and once you are done for the day, ride over to that station.  Off-peak weekend tickets will cost around $11.  I have taken both lines but the Hudson Line is nice because you get a view of the Hudson River when you are heading home.

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