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Are There Catfish in Central Park?

Yes, catfish are one of the many fish species that can be found in New York City’s Central Park.  While many people target bass and panfish there are a number of other fish one can catch and the bullhead catfish is one of them.

Pond in Central Park

Bullhead catfish have a weight that ranges from a couple ounces to a few pounds so they aren’t too large.  The ones found in Central Park are on the smaller side but still fun to say you caught a catfish in the middle of Manhattan.  

Bullhead catfish in Central Park

There are many techniques for catching bullhead catfish.  In Central Park, you can keep things simple with just a little bread, corn or a worm.  In the summer I will typically go out in the evenings and that is when many of the fish in the parks start becoming more active.  

I started a group that meets in Central Park for fishing sessions. If you’d like to try your luck at fishing, check out the Central Park Fishing meetup group.

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