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Untermyer Park and Gardens: Just 1 Hour North of New York City

If you were living in New York and wealthy at the end of the 1800’s what did you do with that money?  Build an estate or vast gardens along the Hudson River, obviously.

This wealth lives on and can be enjoyed by current New York City residents and visitors.

Untermyer Park and Gardens is one such example.  Located approximately 20 miles north of midtown Manhattan, you can take the train, car service, bike or drive your way to this venue.

Walled Garden at Untermayer park and gardens along the Hudson RiverWalled Garden at UntermyerPersian Sculptures at Untermyer Garden

My train and walk to the garden took about an hour.  The walk from the train is actually a bit challenging (.8 miles more or less straight up a hill so consider this before you head out.)  I think a checking out a Zipcar with friends for the 1/2 hour drive is a better option.

There is no entry fee to the garden.  I would suggest 1 hour to walk around and another hour to read and that is about all the time you need.  The remaining 1-2 hour can be reserved for travel.

If you want some additional walking go to the Lenoir Preserve after which is only .5 miles from Untermyer.  (Note: you will also pass Alder Manor on the walk which is a massive estate.  You can get a picture of the outside but it is private property and reserved for special events.)Empty Tiled Pool at UntermyerVista at Untermyer GardensVista Stairs at UntermyerVista Overlook at Untermyer Park and GardensBottom of Vista Stairs at UntermyerTemple of Love at Untermyer GardenTemple of Love and Rock Garden at Untermyer Parks and GardensHudson River Views from Untermyer Gardens

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