Things to do in New York City

Hard Workout Along the Hudson River Greenway

Picture a path in the city that is both scenic and not congested with tourists and residents.  A place like this exists on the Hudson River Greenway if you start at 125th street in Manhattan and head north.

You can access the path right off the 1 train at the 125th street subway stop.  Walk a few minutes west past Dinosaur BBQ and Fairway Grocery store and you will be met with a panoramic view of the Hudson River and New Jersey.

The path supports walkers, runners and bikers.  It is relatively flat (with the exception of two short but steep inclines around 181st st.

Here is why I like this area (and would encourage you to check it out)

Clean path which allows you to avoid the stops and starts if you were further south.

As you proceed north, the George Washington bridge will be your distant focal point.  And once you get to the bridge you can make a quick stop and check out the famous Little Red Lighthouse.

Community and BBQ.  In the Summer, families will be cooking and socializing on the lawns that run parallel to the park.

Fishing. You can watch people casting their lines in the hope of catching some stripers (striped bass) or other local species.

Scenic.  This goes without saying but in the summer the greenery along the river is amazing.  In the fall, if you glance across the river you will see all of the wonderful foliage along the New Jersey Palisades.

Soccer.  The last leg of the trip will take you past soccer fields where there will be a lot of games (spring, summer and fall.)  There are also some Mexican food vendors right in the park where you can get a little mid workout snack.

Being at the end of Manhattan.  This borough is an actual island surrounded by water.  When you get to the end you can see the Bronx across the Spuyten Duyvil Creek.

View.  When you are heading back downtown the Manhattan skyline will be in view.  It is a great sight to see.Manhattan Skyline

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