I May Be Small, But I Am Strong!

By Marsha Clarke

Yes Sugarcane, you are. Located in the Park Slope section of Brooklyn just a few blocks away from Barclays Center is Sugarcane restaurant. This very popular Caribbean spot has been serving Brooklyn and whoever is willing to make the venture out for over a decade.

Sugarcane plays a major roll in enriching the Caribbean culture of Brooklyn, but there are some complaints. The place is small and the wait time for dinner is long.  Anyone who’s been a patron of Sugarcane has begged the question “why not expand”? Then the food comes and customers proceed to pack their bellies like a barrel.

Yes Sugarcane you are small, but you know what your doing. The quality of the food is next to none.  The only place that I know of where the food and the cocktails are equally delicious.

The culinary magic at this restaurant is what possesses people to wait outside in mid-December for 45 minutes. The mixology of the cocktails is what attracts a triple loop of people around the bar.  The energetic service is what has built trust with patrons and maintained that relationship over the years.

Even with the modern décor, Sugarcane is as much of a Caribbean experience that you can get.

Think about it!

It’s a small place but somehow so many people call it home.  Always full of friendly faces. Loud music full of vibes played over enthusiastic banter. Hell, even the light fixtures are Banana leaves!

You can do absolutely nothing about the space but if the issue of time is a deal breaker for you then make a reservation and try keeping. Note however that Caribbean people think time is an excuse, and excuses are a waste of time. Get there.

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Sugarcane is located at 238 Flatbush Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11217

Phone: (718) 230-3954

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