Women Are Best Celebrated Just As They Are

By Marsha Clarke

The month of March is national women’s month, and this year I had the very good fortune to celebrate the 1st of March otherwise know as International women’s Day with some extraordinary artists who honored other artists from their respective countries.  South Oxford Space in Brooklyn was the host of the 4th annual International Women’s Artists’ Salon, which is a cross-cultural organization for women making art in the world

Some of the honorees included Austrias Maria Anna (Nannerl) Mozart, who was the sister of Amadeus whose story is being brought to life by Sylvia Milo throughout the US and Europe.  Harriet Tubman: The African American Abolitionist who was honored by Christine Dixon, a theatrical performer with her own one woman play about Harriet Tubman.  Jocelyn Chua: A published playwright and theater performer was honored by actress Elisabeth Ng.

The show also covered the critical issue of income equality for women in America.  A member from the International Committee of the LPTW shared an excerpt from a response to a letter she wrote to the White House from president Obama that pledged his support and encouraged the entire audience to keep on fighting.

The event was an inspiring addition to the day but most of all the community of artists is what made this such a great experience.  Each honoring performer reflected their own creative energy on stage whether it was through a short story that was written twenty years ago by an unrecognized female author or an original song that is being performed on stages throughout NYC.

I celebrated everyday of this month honoring a woman by listening to her story.  From my grandmothers story of working in cane fields and having to support herself and two children to a friend who is embarking on a new business venture by raising her own capital and another who is closing up shop to start over somewhere else.  I am reminded that just with any other nationally honored month that the message of recognition should be celebrated every day, so that is just what I will keep doing.  Recognizing.

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