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Class Pass: Your High-End Workout Is Here

By Leyla Shamayeva

Bored with your workout? That’s like saying you’re bored of NYC. In a city that never sleeps, how can that even be possible?

It’s only possible if you keep doing the same routine in the same gym, over and over again. It’s pretty easy to lose motivation this way, but you don’t have to. Take advantage of what the city has to offer – hundreds of small boutique gyms that specialize in fun workout classes.

You’re probably thinking that gym hopping is too expensive. We don’t blame you! At $20- 25 for a single class, costs can really add up! Before you completely dismiss the idea though, we’ll ask if you’ve heard of Class Pass.

What Is Class Pass?  

Class Pass - Exercise Equipment at the GymClass Pass works to offer you the best boutique gyms and fitness classes at an affordable price.

There are over 100 options to choose from across the 5 boroughs, and those options include any kind of class you fancy. The pros I took advantage of include:

The cheaper price: For $99 a month, you can enjoy up to 10 different classes. About $10 per class definitely beats $20-$25 (which is likely the minimum).

Easy-to-use service: Create an account and you’re set to sign up for the classes you choose. The bigger pro here is the one-stop-shop. You can easily see which classes you like and where they are located – Class Pass did all the research for you!

All that variety! Don’t like yoga? Choose a different workout. Always wanted to try a spin class? Now’s your chance. Tried Pilates and ended up hating it? No obligations here. Go for a different class next time. You really can’t get bored with all of these options.

The best gyms and facilities: Class Pass isn’t just saying that. Staff members actually participate in the classes they offer to make sure that they’re fun, safe, and of the highest quality that NYC has to offer. They also take your reviews into account.

Small classes: Trainers are able to offer personalized attention when fewer people are in the class, which means that you won’t become lost in the crowd. Talk about getting your $10 worth.

There is a con to keep in mind here, though. A smaller class may book up faster, so you might not always get the class you want, especially if it’s a popular one. Class Pass does try to control this con – you can only visit the same facility up to 3 times a month so that other people get chance to sign up.

Accountability: A $20 last-minute cancellation or no-show fee may seem like a lot, but not if you think about it as an accountability fee. The fee is an easy way to bust your typical workout excuse. You won’t be too lazy to do your workout if you get charged for not showing up, right?

If Class Pass sounds like a good deal to you, read up on their FAQ and join!

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