Stay Key: Building a Name in the Industry

By Nick Christophers

Stay Key Press PhotoTo be a success in the music industry it is beneficial to be not only multi-faceted but appreciate all aspects of music. Recording artist Stay Key has both of these qualities. He learned to value the grace in classical music and to the rebel call in Rock ‘n’ Roll. In addition he managed to perform both disciplines to perfection.

Stay Key has offered his vocal talents at many venues but two seem to stand out for him the most. At seventeen years old he sang at the prestigious Carnegie Hall which left a lasting effect on him. The second was when he performed the National Anthem at a Boston Celtics game.

He soon got linked up with New York record label On-The-Go Music and released a few original as well as unique acoustic cover songs. The label has afforded Stay Key the freedom to be creative and grow within the company. He has released music in many different genres whether it is Rock, Pop and even Holiday music. It is through the efforts of On-The-Go that he has had the opportunity to perform live at the offices of leading music distributor, The Orchard. The performance turned out better than he expected with a large crowd gathering to appreciate his vocal and guitar skills.

“If I have to pick one song that turned out even better than I expected, it’s the version of “Silent Night” from the “For The Holidays” release. I was in a mellow, jazzy mood at the time, which I think came across on the track.”

Stay Key also has dreams of collaborating with other artists as he climbs the music ladder. He brought up recording artist Jack White. Even though Jack’s style is different than his, he has grown to respect his artistry. Stay Key appreciates the fact that Jack does not limit himself to one instrument or a certain style as diversity is a theme that plays a role in Stay Key’s music.

Presently, his new single “On The Line” has blown up with over 8,000 plays on SoundCloud within the first month. It has also garnered great College Radio support with over 50 college stations airing the record. Another bonus is that this release has remixes that add a different twist. One of the remixes Stay Key has grown to enjoy is by veteran producer/remixer Josh Harris.

On The Line Artwork“I was really excited to work with Josh Harris. He is a world-class producer and a class act to boot. He has this uncanny ability to isolate the different elements of a track, while blending everything together at the same time. His work with The Killers was amazing. I feel very lucky that I have had the opportunity to work with him.”

As mentioned earlier Stay Key enjoys diversity. He not only plays the guitar and sings but he has dabbled with the saxophone, flute, the bass and the drums. Stay Key always tries to keep his plate full as he is back in the studio and working on even more new music.

Stay Key has proven with every project to grow and bring his talent to another level!

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