Historic Upper Manhattan Adventure: Morris-Jumel Mansion and the High Bridge

By Seth Fera-Schanes

Morris-Jumel Mansion

A 150 year old home is located in the Washington Heights neighborhood of Upper Manhattan.  The Morris-Jumel Mansion was built in 1765 and has a National Historic Landmark designation.  This is a historical must see in New York.  The residence was used at different times by both George Washington and the British during the American Revolutionary War (for more information about George Washington in New York see 5 Revolutionary Sites in Colonial New York.)  It is open 7 days a week from 10am until 3:30pm.

The entry fee is $10 but for $2 more, you can join a professionally guided group for some historical context which is a great deal.  Photography is allowed so bring your camera since the neighborhood, garden and house are all worthy of a Facebook photo gallery to share with friends and family.

The house is accessible by the M2 bus line as well as the uptown A and C trains.  With a subway travel time of 30 minutes starting from Times Square, you can easily make this a weekend afternoon excursion.

Insider tip:  There is a take out restaurant down the street on 160th and Edgecombe Avenue.  The owners were incredibly friendly and provided some extra information about the neighborhood.  I got a coffee which was great but you could also grab some food for a picnic in the garden at the Mansion.

High Bridge

The High Bridge is located 1 mile north of Morris-Jumel Mansion.  I would suggest taking the 20 minutes scenic walk to the bridge.  The High Bridge was originally used as an aqueduct to bring water into New York.  It went through a renovation and was just reopened to the public in 2015.  [Editors Note: The captions in the pictures below are the text from the markers that line the bridge.)High Bridge New York

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