NYC Comic Con Keeps Getting Bigger and Better

By Nick Christophers

The geeks were out in force Day 1 of the blockbuster NYC Comic Con.  There was a line to get in, tickets or not, a mile long across 11th Avenue. Passersby who were not aware of the event were shaking their heads “hey it’s not Halloween yet”. But the attendees waved the curious and the haters off as they strode proudly in their Batman, Superman and Captain America attire. It was a sight to see.

The Con in its 10th year has grown to a level even the creators did not imagine. But with the power of the force and the guidance of the Asgardian God’s they have managed to survive. The convention offers something for everyone from the traditional comics to the modern top of the line digital games. There were companies showcasing their work like LEGO, Marvel, DC, Dark Horse to the independent titles like 451 Media and Maria Soccor Productions.

The isles run across the Jacob Javits Center like veins of a super-hero life force daring to be tampered with. Even the first day it was mayhem with crowds literally bumping into each other. But the atmosphere was jovial and energetic. Kids of all ages graced the Center from babies in carriages (yeah babies!) to men and women way past 50.

It seemed to Full Access NYC that the more popular costumes were dominated by DC Comics. There were many Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Flash characters roaming the Con. But Marvel was not far off with its fair share of Captain America’s, Thor’s and Iron Men.

One of the new and upcoming comic companies 451 Media took on interesting way of promoting themselves by giving away their first five debut titles. Full Access NYC caught up with the Chief Executive Officer, Douglas Nunnes who, offered his thoughts on his new venture.

“Our company was started with my partners Anthony and John Gentile  and I. They have a big background in creating Toy brands who are also the creators behind Micro-Nauts.

We linked up with Michael Bey and decided to start a graphic novel company. We went to top Hollywood screenwriters and authors and asked them was there any story that they did, that never made it to the screen. They all said yes so we took those stories and provided them as comic books and motion graphic novels. It all comes down to the story. Today is our initial launch. Writers like George Pelecanos and Scott Rosenberg have contributed their work. We want the readers to have a great experience.”

Companies like 451 Media carried a strong presence at the convention. An even more independent company like Maria Soccor Productions that is run by Maria Soccor who is an actor, producer and director made a mark. She was at the Con promoting her comic title “Spear”. Her title is based on a woman secret agent and most of her heroic characters are women. Basically her title supports female empowerment and proof that they can do whatever a man can do and sometimes even better.

Full Access NYC even had the opportunity to talk with costumed attendees who offer poses for the crowds. Folks like Edwin Vasquez, Jessica Surazinsky and Trayna Roberts. Edwin has been coming for years after his brother introduced him to the Con. Since then he comes every year in a different costume.

“I started coming in 2012 and have been coming ever since. Each year I come dressed differently. The people make me feel happy when they want to take pictures. My most popular costume was Captain America. This year I came as Scorpion.”

The girls who are originally from Chicago came to help promote a book their friend Ed Cruz wrote called “Kirin Rise: Cast Of Shadows”. Both girls were dressed as characters out of Mortal Kombat. Jessica was Jade and Trayna was Katana. They also offered their thoughts on the convention.

“We love Comic Con and enjoy the atmosphere and very overwhelming. There is one in Chicago but a lot bigger here. The costumes are great and the spirit is very positive. We love movies, games and can nerd out on anything.”

Superheros at the New York Comic Con

New York Comic Con 2015

Every year the convention blows up even more with new comic book companies to top celebrities. It is a convention that is for everyone whether you’re a nerd or not. Don’t miss the next one and miss out on all the fun everyone is talking about. May the force be with you!

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