Cooper Hewitt: Technology, Photography and Fun

By Seth Fera-Schanes

The Cooper Hewitt is a design focused museum located on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.  Already one of my favorite museums in the city, it recently underwent a renovation and is now better than ever.

Aside from physical updates, the Cooper Hewitt introduced new technology in the form of a…..pen?  Well, less of a pen and more of an oversized digital-stylus wand that allows the user to interact with the exhibits and curate an experience for later viewing and additional research.  This feature alone is reason enough to visit the museum.  As you explore the floors and work, simply touch your pen to the plus sign on the information cards and information will be saved to your own online portfolio.  When you are finished touring, simply drop off the pen and you can go to the website later to relive your day.  Additional features around the museum are large touch tables where you can use your pen to interact with the information.

Travel Tags at the Cooper Hewitt Design MuseumScale Model at Cooper Hewitt Models at Cooper Hewitt in NYC Model Staircases at the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum Cooper Hewitt Museum Cooper Hewitt in NYC

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