Comic Con Invades Queens With A Splash

By Nick Christophers

We have heard of NY Comic Con, Eternal Con, NJ Comic Con and now we have Winter Con. The geeks are coming out in force. The popularity of comic, digital media and collectibles have become more prevalent in the past few years. Currently almost every season there is a new Comic Con.  The largest and most popular is the NY Comic Con that is during October, Eternal Con which is building steam is in the summer and the NJ Con is in November and Winter Con wraps it up in December.

It use to be that the NYCC at the Javits Center was the only act in town but not any more. This past weekend was the Winter Con that was held at the Resorts Casino in Queens. Even though it is not as large as the NYCC it features similar attractions. There are the typical vendors offering everything from comics to collectibles. Like other Con’s there was a strong Star Wars presence. The New York Light Saber Academy was there offering demonstrations as Storm Troopers cruised around the hall.Star Wars

As usual there were fans dressed in their favorite characters. From Captain America to Iron Man to Cosplay roll players. We came across two interesting fans who were decked out to the nines; Devon Thomas and Fred Holt who represented The Blade. They gave us their thoughts on the Con and why they come all dressed up.

“We love the character and this kind of mindset, pop culture coming together under one roof. It is our time to share our love for the character and share it with others,” offered Fred.

“I am happy to be apart of the “Blood Brotherhood”. The people are amazing. We love taking pictures for the fans. They appreciate the whole genesis of the character,” added Devon.

There were also many celebrities that graced the Con like Nichelle Nichols (Lt. Uhura of Star Trek), David Harris (Warriors), Yaya Han (actress / model) and more. David Harris offered a few words on his experience at the Con.

“We did an event for the promoters of the Con a few years ago and was happy to come and be apart of it. We just completed a “Warriors” event called the Last Subway Ride which was a huge success. There were thousands of fans that came down to take part in it.”

One of the best parts of the Winter Con is that you were not overwhelmed by overcrowding. It was easy to move around and enjoy the sights and sounds. But don’t be mistaken it was busy as there was a line to get in at both entrances. Yet as a fairly new event it is due to grow with each year. Be sure to check it out the next time it comes to town.

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