Fido: The Best Coffee Shop and Restaurant in Hillsboro Village

By Sean McHugh
Fido 3

I should probably preface this article with a slight disclaimer: in the next 400 words or so, I plan on bloviating in the best of ways about my favorite restaurant in all of Nashville – Fido. Nashville is a town that has gastro-city aspirations, and is slowly headed in that direction, but sometimes the concerted push causes people to overlook the tried and true staples. Fido is immune to such scenarios – hands down the best place to eat any meal in Fido 2Nashville, the coffeehouse/restaurant hybrid is constantly brimming with tourists passing through, as well as regulars coming in day in and day out.

Fido is located in one of Nashville’s busiest neighborhoods, Hillsboro Village, and the restaurant benefits from the seemingly perpetual foot traffic every day. Pick any day of the week past 10AM and you’re likely going to run into a line, but the staff at Fido are quick and adept to dealing with long lines of customers (and trust me, it’s definitely worth the wait); I’ve waited in some long lines of people at Fido, but most have lasted no longer the seven to ten minutes to order.

The menu is all-day, so if you’re feeling pancakes at dinner or salad at breakfast, you can get whatever tickles your fancy (my go to’s are the meat and three for breakfast, and the Mediterranean Salad for lunch or dinner). If there’s nothing on the regular menu that seems to pique your interest, you’re bound to find something on the daily specials board, which always has a variety of unique and quality meals ready to be eaten. Maybe you’ve just stopped by during the low hours, in between or after meals, and you just want a coffee or something of that sort – well, Fido has you covered too. Doubling as a restaurant and coffeehouse is surely one of the reasons the restaurant endeared itself to the Nashville community – it truly is a one-stop shop for all tastes. The signature coffee menu staples are the Local Latte (local honey, cinnamon, espresso + milk) and the Pepperton (cayenne pepper, peppermint, espresso + milk), along with your regular espresso preferences such as Americanos and cappuccinos. Fido also has a small selection of local craft brew beers and wines.

The atmosphere at Fido is just about second to none in Nashville – the staff is inviting, the clientele are interesting and friendly, and the space is fantastic. Typically, Fido will have pieces from local artists on display throughout the restaurant, only heightening the experience in the space. So if you’re looking for the absolute best place to eat in all of Nashville, Fido is your first spot, not just for one meal, but also for all meals.

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