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Dani Felt: Being Creative at a Whole Other Level

By Nick Christophers

Dani Felt, a multi-talented mover and shaker and CEO of Creative Spotlights, realized that to expose art in NYC you need to do it out in the open. She first used her talent by featuring artists via a blog but it did not seem to fill her cup. So, she looked along with her co-founder Emily Correa, outside the box  and  decided to bring the product to life with live venues. Here she was able to expose the artists via live performances.

Maayan 2Hailing from Philadelphia she ventured to NYC to develop contacts in the music industry. She soon came out with the blog Creative Spotlights in 2011. In the three years of the blog her team had amassed over 300 interviews with various artists. Her co-founder Emily was an established life-coach and an artist in her heart. By combing forces they set forth to put a spotlight on creative people nationally.

“I have done music showcases in the past and my partner Emily has a background with body painters and burlesque so we combined both for this event. We put these artists together after going through their YouTube submissions and chose the ones best fitted for our showcase. Our goal is to bring more of these showcases to life and offer exposure to  untapped talent,” said Dani.

This was the case when she hosted a musical / artistic event at DROM in NYC. The event drew a constant flow of confirmed guests to curious passerby’s. It was tagged “Rock the City” which was quite fitting. Besides the live bands she had body painters like Nelson Host Santiago and shoe designers on hand. There was a mixed crowd of all ages enjoying the music and body art in the vintage nightclub.

The bands ranged from punk to indie rock.  Acts like Wednesday Atoms, Maayan, Jackie Paladino and Mind Over Time definitely brought the house down. It was an impressive event that gave a voice for these up and coming artists, which is what CS is all about. We caught up one of the acts, Maayan after her performance.

“I play on the subway and that is how I make my living. I am true a artist in the literary sense. Dani and I meet through a mutual friend and I was invited to perform. This event is amazing and a great place for up upcoming artists. As for us we are looking to take our music to another level,” said Maayan.

The organization is on a mission and it has already broken some barriers. Keep up with all that is creative on social media.  Dani & Emily

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