Places to Visit in the City of Atlanta!

By Safaria Bell

Georgia Aquarium

Baby at aquariumImage by Ashley Darvalics via Facebook

Ever wonder what it’s like to be in the of the depth of the ocean? Maybe not, but if you have, Georgia Aquarium gives you a wide-open experience. The view of the blue calm waters makes it as if you’re floating with the dolphins. In all words, you get a sense of peacefulness and a refreshing perspective of what it feels like to be connected with animals in the infinite waters surrounded by their natural habitat.

Wide view of aquariumImage by Parmy Makh via Instagram

VarsityVarsity FoodImage by Troy Dick via Instagram

For those who are not too picky on calories, and don’t mind grease from a good ole’ fried burger, I give you Varsity. Every local in Atlanta will tell you that this should be the number one place on your “dine out” list to visit when you’re in the city! It’s not everyday someone can eat a Double Chili Cheese Burger without feeling as guilty.

Six FlagsRollercoaster Ride at 6 Flags AtlantaImage by Brian Huffington via Instagram

Remember those odd commercials where there is a dancing old man encouraging you to come join a bundle of people somewhere frantically screaming as they ride a roller coaster? Well, that somewhere is Six Flags! Six Flags is where fears are overcome, where people can go to the high skies without dropping to their death. It’s mostly where all the fun is at in Atlanta; topped with an unlimited number of roller coaster rides. Oh, and don’t forget about the endless cotton candy and funnel cakes. It’s a ultimate concession food smorgasbord and an adrenaline filled frenzy.

Man at six flagsImage by Muath AlSultan via Instagram

Georgia DomeGeorgia DomeImage by Regina Barnes via Instagram

Georgia Dome in Atlanta has the best live events! Whether you’ve come to watch a monster truck do a full flip in the air, or get the full exposure of a Falcons game.  It’s also a perfect place to witness a senior class graduation or watch a Beyoncé concert live! Be sure to mark your calendar, and catch all the live events Georgia Dome has to offer.Monster Truck                                             Image by Jimmy Simpson Jr via Instagram

Atlanta ZooLion at the Atlanta ZooImage by Perry McClure via Instagram

Here is a friendly place you can take the whole family to visit. Besides the unpleasant smell, the Atlanta Zoo is a place where a large collection of animals can be seen, and encountered.

PandasImage by Allison Maier via Instagram

Various uncommon and endangered species are included in the park including giant pandas and eastern black rhinos.

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