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Brioche Doughnuts at Mah Ze Dahr in the West Village

Sunday morning and I am lazily scrolling through facebook from my bed.  I come across a soaring review of Mah Ze Dahr in Gothamist and immediately jump up.  15 minutes later, I am dressed and on the A train heading downtown.

New to the village, Mah Ze Dahr should very quickly be placed on your bakery radar.  With a variety of both sweet and savory pastries, I opted to try one from each side of the spectrum.

Cheddar Jalapeno Scones:

It took me a couple bites to warm up to this baked good but I would definitely get it again.  It had a good ratio of cheese to scone and the jalapeno added a nice flavor element but not  the heat.  There is a cheddar chive biscuit at Lenox Coffee I really enjoy and it’s a toss up between the 2 for what I like more.  If you’re in Harlem, be sure to pick one up for your own comparison.cheddar-jalapeno-scones

Brioche Doughnut:

The winner of the day and likely to be a standout doughnut for locals and travelers.  It was dense, chewy and had just the right amount of vanilla custard injected into 4 areas of the doughnut.  A bonus doughnut hole comes with the main attraction which is always welcome. brioche-doughnut-at-mah-ze-dahrbrioche-doughut-at-mah-ze-dahr-in-new-york-city

Of course I got a coffee (Intelligentsia) that arrived with a little butter cookie.  It’s these little extras that make the place stand-out.  The shop has a comfortable feel and the mini hall that separates the front and back of the store is double countered (one on each side) with plenty of outlets for charging your phones so you can intragram away.intelligensia-coffee

Mah Ze Dahr is worth an early morning or anytime trip to the West Village.  I can’t wait to go back.  mah-ze-dahr-bakery-in-the-west-village

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