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Brooklyn Artist Putting His Brush To The Canvas With Passion

By Nick Christophers

Huetek is a rare breed in the world of art placing his artistic stamp on the streets of New York. From a young child, Huetek, began drawing yet not realizing his God given talent till he was a teenager. His love for comics and realism became his “signature” and how he soon meshed the two the create his own mark.

He would end up attending the Art Institute where he learned the formal side of the art world. This knowledge enabled him to enhance his talents and bring them to a different level. And when we mean higher level we mean a higher level. He not only worked on canvas but on murals across the New York City landscape. His largest piece is a 20 x 30 foot wall in Brooklyn. He may have even done bigger.

As a true artist he is always pushing the envelope to reach another plateau through his work. He does not want to be known as an artist that sticks to one style so he is always looking to develop something different.

Only recently he started working on a wall in Brooklyn (Broadway/Myrtle avenue). The piece is of the character Duke from the show “Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas”. Even though he had already produced a painting of him on canvas he wanted to recreate it in a larger area. When it comes to the many pieces he has done, it is hard for him to choose one that he is most proud of.huetek

“I am proud of all my projects…in every project I try to up my skill level and challenge myself to do something more. Everything  I do just shows the level I was at and the one I am moving  into which I am proud of my progress ……….even in tagging.”

Huetek works in various mediums depending on the project, the size and style. In the studio he prefers to work with oil. When it comes to outdoor projects he uses aerosol paint. On the other hand if it is a quick easy assignment he looks to work with acrylic since it dries quicker.

So far he has been a part of a few shows around New York City. He has shared the space with other talent at places like the Bishop Gallery, Grumpy Bert Gallery, Soho Art House, and the Red Bird Gallery. He even curates his own shows. He will have another presentation towards the end of the summer. Yet his next show will feature a different approach called HUETEKS MUSIC TIME LINE.joker vest
Huetek is looking to keep “bombing the streets” as he put it with other talented artists like CSF, ACC, NFG and 2DX crew. Keep your eyes peeled on those walls and galleries as you travel through NYC for the Huetek stamp will be on it large as life.

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