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Dancing Sensation: The Renge Sisters Marking Their Territory in New York

By Nick Christophers

It is without question that this dancing duo is nothing short of amazing. Risa and Ayaka who hail from the exotic land of Japan have wowed crowds everywhere with their magnificent moves. Their flexibility and timing are perfect. Their love of music and dancing is evident as they escape into a dancing void that most wouldn’t comprehend.

They recently performed at the Fort Hamilton Comic Con in Brooklyn and brought the house down to a thunderous applause. The sisters are not only talented dancers but stunning as well. They call themselves the Renge Sisters.
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Ayaka and Risa first connected in January of 2017 and realized their potential as a semi-dance team. Hence, they decided to join forces and gave birth to the Renge Sisters. The tern “renge” is a flower that blossoms even though it grows in murky waters.  If one was to meet these two talented individuals they could equate them to two stunning flowers just waiting to branch out.

So far they have performed at many venues in the Tri-State area. As of this writing Risa just performed   at the Japan Festival on October 22 in Manhattan.  They both admit that one their favorite venues to perform at is the Soka Gakkai International Community Center.  On November 5th they are slated to perform at the SGI Center in Union Square.

“I created a dance group early this year with a friend and when I meet Risa I asked her to join. She joined SGI and we have been working together ever since. I was very impressed with her talent that is why I asked her to join.”

The girls have been together for a year so far and have impressed many with their chemistry. Ayaka studied dance at the Broadway Dance Center in Manhattan which was in conjunction with her International Visa Program.  Her desire to create a dance team in the US was a plan she had prior to leaving her homeland. In Japan Ayaka was part of a talent agency for ten years where she honed her skills. Risa on the other hand was part of a dance group during her High School years than in College as well.  She performed at festivals and at her College graduation.

Their dance routines are a fusion of various styles of dance from hip hop to house.  At the current time Ayaka would like to incorporate K-Pop dance with Latin. Risa is already part of a Salsa / bachata group and will play a big part in fusing both styles.

“As a young girl I enjoyed watching the dance group Morning Musume (Morning Daughter) in Japan. They kind of inspired me to follow my dream of being a professional dancer,” said Ayaka.

The ladies are now working on a promotion video for “Renge Sisters” and are putting the finishing touches on the choreography.  They are electrifying to watch with their bright smiles and perfectly timed moves they are not to be missed.

“We would love to maybe one day compete on “America’s Got Talent” that would be amazing!” added Risa.

Hey you never know. Check out their YouTube videos below, we are sure you will enjoy them.

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