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Fort Hamilton Comic Con: Brooklyn Puts It’s Own Comic Con On The Map

By Nick Christophers

It was perfect weather and a perfect time to celebrate another fun and exciting comic book convention.

Organizer Lisa Bennett with her enthusiastic team put together an intimate comic show that is due to grow year after year. In its second year the convention has begun to gain more fans and vendors. This year they had a few special guests like Gotham actors David Mazouz (Bruce Wayne), Sean Pertwee (Alfred Pennyworth), Ed Lover (Hip Hop personality) and Edwin Freeman (from the film Luke Cage). David and Sean not only accommodated fans by signing autographs and taking pictures but even engaged in small talk. In all my years as a fan and a writer I have never meet such down-to-earth celebrities! They were as classy as can be.

“Last year was our first time and we only had it for one day but due to popular demand we added another day. People are very happy with our guests and things are looking up. What makes our Con different is that our location which is like a castle makes it feel like your stepping into a different world. We are more personal and more personable. It is esthetically beautiful we are MWR (Family, Morale, Welfare, and Recreation). We offer quality of life programs for our soldiers, service members, retirees and our DOD civilians. We wanted to bring our arts and culture to the instillation, “ said Lisa.

There were vendors selling everything from comics to art work like award winning artist Cryssy Cheung and cartoonist Michael Grassia.  The Con not only offered comics and art but performances from up and coming talent. Since the theme of the Con was in part Anime there were artists from Japan who displayed their talents. Musicians like Rie Tamuro and TiA dazzled the crowd with their vocals while dance groups like Hip Hop dancers the Renge Sisters and Twilight Ribbon ripped up the dance floor for everyone.Renge Dancers

We had an opportunity to get a few words from Gotham actors David Mazouz and Sean Pertwee.

“I feel very connected to the character Bruce. Bruce is not perfect and I guess everyone struggles with the same issue. I know I do.  As an actor, I guess being in this business at a young age our expectations is that I will be good at everything that I do.  It’s not overwhelming I am able to handle it.  On my character, Bruce is damaged and he is probably the closest to perfect that anyone can be on the outside. But on the inside he is tortured, which at times I can relate to. I feel connected to the young audience of my age bracket. I had people came to me at other Con’s and tell me they were going through a difficult time and seeing how Bruce Wayne was able to come out of a depression inspired them. At that point I feel like I am doing my job.”

David was not only classy but during the panel with Sean really grabbed the audience which was like magic. Sean who is older and has not only done TV (“Elementary”) but a lot of theatre acting were he got his start at the Royal Shakespeare Company.  He was kind enough to interject some thoughts as well.

“It is a pleasure to be at this Convention and to have an opportunity to connect with our fans. It is true that my character has come more in the forefront in the current season and it’s a lot of fun. I am enjoying working with David. I find it a little easier since I have a teenage son myself I can relate to Alfred’s desire to look after Bruce as much as he does. I am the only “real” family he has.”

It was a fun and exciting Comic Con that is looking to expand and grow in popularity. This is one Con that Anime/Comic fans should take a closer look at next year.


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