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Another Year at the Javits Center for the New York Comic Con

By Nick Christophers

It was another wild and crazy Sunday at the NY Comic Con with thousands of visitors packing the Javits.

Just taking a walk from Penn Station on 34th Street to 11th avenue it would have been impossible not to bump into Superman, Wonder Woman, Captain America or Thor. Attendees paraded down the street in their favorite costumes with style. Passerby’s would get whiplash just trying to decipher whether Halloween came to early.New York Comic Con

The Javits was at full capacity, were at times it felt like you were in a subway train. There were all kinds of things going on from the cool Flash and Wonder Woman cars to the various artists signing their work. Neal Adams was one of the legendary artists who was busy signing his artwork for hungry fans.  Every year it seems the Con brings more and more visitors.  One returning vendor was 451 Media a company whose partners Michael Bay and George Pelecanos managed to capture the comic world by storm. We had an opportunity to speak with Senior Director of Production, Jessica Gentile.The Flash Car at New York Comic Con

“This is our second year at NY Comic Con. We had our premier in 2015 when we introduced our first five titles and gave some away. Which was crazy. We have either visited or had a booth at many Comic Con’s nationally and internationally. We are happy to have George Pelecanos on board who is a prolific crime novelist. Not to exclude Michael Bay of course. NY Comic Con is amazing and we are proud to be a part of it.”Cos Play at the New York Comic Con

The comic industry has grown to a level many never dreamed it would. It is actually cool to be a Geek or love comic books for a change. NY Comic Con is the “king” of them all but many smaller ones are growing every day. Coming up is the Fort Hamilton Comic Con in Brooklyn which is in its second year. Oddly enough Star Wars was not so evident in this year’s Con as others.  DC, Marvel and Dark Horse seemed more prevalent with its massive exposure. Yet after speaking to some guests they seemed to yearn for the independents just as much.Neal Adams at the New York Comic Con

“I love Flash and Captain America as much as the next guy/girl. But I do enjoy the independent titles as well, like the title “ZINDAN: THE LAST ANSAARS” from Roaring Sun Studios. Great art work and good story,” offered one comic fan.

We look forward to next year’s Con but there are many in-between so be on the look-out for them.

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