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Local Irish Food and Outdoor Activities: Photo Tour That Will Make You Want to Visit Ireland Right Now

7 days in Ireland provides plenty of opportunities for photography sessions.  While reading about a trip is great, sometimes scrolling through a bunch of pics can be more effective to get people wanting to visit a new place.  Below are 3 categories from my trip (Irish food, outdoors and city walks) that will hopefully make you book that ticket.

Foods of Ireland

Irish Afternoon Tea

Tea Time

Irish Scone with Jam, Butter and Cream

Breakfast Scone

Baked Beans and Toast for Breakfast

Baked Beans and White Bread for Breakfast

Irish Tortano Bread

Tortano Bread

Smoked Mackerel with Piri Piri

Smoked Mackerel with Piri Piri

Fish Chowder with Brown Bread

Seafood Chowder with Brown Bread

Roast Beet and Carmelized Onion Salad

Salad with Roasted Golden Beets

Salad and a Guinness

Salad with a Guinness

Local Cork Oysters

Local Oysters on the Half Shell

Irish Salmon Gravlax

Local Salmon Gravlox

Traditional Beer Battered Fish and Chips

Traditional Irish Fish and Chips

Spelt Risotto

Spelt and Mushroom Risotto

Irish Salmon with Local Galway Butter

Local Pan Fried Salmon with Local Compound Butter

Shepherds Pie with Minced Lamb

Shepherds Pie

Venison from Wicklow

Wicklow County Venison with Cabbage and Purple Mashed Potatoes

Pork Belly in Dublin

Pork Belly

Roe and Co Irish Whiskey

Roe and Co. Irish Whiskey


Pint of Guinness

Murphy's Ice Cream from Dingle Ireland

Murphy’s Ice Cream from Dingle

Irish Coffee

Real Irish Coffee

Outdoor Ireland

Day Tour of Wicklow

Fields in County Wicklow

Guinness Lake

Guinness Lake

County Wicklow

Hiking in Glendalough

Moss in Ireland

Moss in Ireland

Saint Stephens Park

St. Stephens Park in Dublin

Galway Ireland

Galway, Ireland

Train Ride in Galway Ireland

Morning Train Ride in Galway

Ireland Cliffs of Moher

Cliffs of Moher

The Cliffs of Moher

Walking the Cliffs of Moher

The Atlantic View from Ireland

Atlantic Meets Ireland

Irish Travel

Day Travels in Ireland

Cork Park

Park in Cork, Ireland

Field in Blarney

Fields at Blarney Castle

Waterfall at Blarney Castle

Fern Garden at Blarney Castle

Flowers at Blarney Castle Grounds

Visiting the Grounds at Blarney Castle

Sheep at Blarney Castel Grounds

Sheep and Lambs in Irish Field

Walking Around Ireland

Dublic Government Building

Morning Walk in Dublin

Cobblestone Street in Dublin

On the way to the Guinness Factory

Guinness Factory

Guinness in Dublin, Ireland

Guinness Factory Tour

Guinness Advertisements

Trinity College Ireland

Trinity College Library

CIty Center Dublin

City Center in Dublin

Trinity College in Dublin Ireland

Morning Walk at Trinity College

Buscing in Ireland

Buscing in Galway

Fish and Chips Shop

Fish and Chip Shop

Old Pub in Dublin

Pub Est. 1823

Jameson Distillery on Bow Street in Dublin Ireland

Jameson Distillery on Bow St.

Oscar Wilde Statue in Galway

Oscar Wilde Statue in Galway

Pigeons in Cork Ireland

Pigeons in Cork

Blarney Castle Tour

Going to Kiss the Blarney Stone

Blarney Manor

Blarney Manor

Narrow Building in Cork Ireland

Streets in Dublin

Park in Cork Ireland

City Parks in Ireland

River in Cork Ireland

River Through Cork Ireland

Saint Patricks Church Dublin

St. Patricks Church in Dublin

St. Patricks Church in Dublin Ireland

St. Patrick Church

Streets in Dublin Ireland

Overcast Walks in Dublin

Shopping in Dublin Ireland

Shopping in Dublin

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