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19 Images That Will Make You Want to Visit the Puglia Region in Italy

Stunning seaside towns, incredible food and an all around relaxed atmosphere are just a few reasons to get your travel plans together for a trip to the Puglia region in southern Italy.  Below are 19 photos that will get you excited for your upcoming adventure.

And if these pictures aren’t enough to get you to book a ticket, we also have a list of delicious foods found in the region.

Puglia Region

Alley in Apulia Itlay
Alley in Bari
Street in Alberobello
Church in Puglia
Church in Puglia
Clay Pinocchio in Italy
Italian Pinocchio
Wood Mold for Leather Shoes
Leather Shoe Wood Mold
House in Apulia Italy
Family House in Apulia Italy
Fuchsia Color Flowers in Alberobello
Fuchsia Colored Flowers Against White Brick House
Preparing Polenta for Frying
Polenta Fritta Alla Barese
Freshly Caught Fish from the Bari Coast
Freshly Caught Fish from Adriatic Sea
Drying Pasta in Southern Italy
Drying Pasta in Bari
Italian Dog
Italian Dog
Harbor in Monopoli
Harbor View
Adriatic Sea in Italy
Adriatic Coastline
Seawall in the Adriatic in Apulia
Seawall and the Adriatic Sea
Adriatic from the Bari Coast
Adriatic Sea View from Bari
Bari Coastline
Clouds Over the Bari Coast
Fishing Boats in Apulia Italy
Fishing Boats in Apulia
Boat Harbor in Puglia
Southern Italy Fishing Boats

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