Things to do in New York City

Harlem Open Mic Night

By Seth Fera-Schanes

Every Monday evening, Lenox Coffee turns into the best open mic night in Harlem.  The kick-off starts at 7:30 and ends when the locals feel like going home (sometimes past 11pm.) lenox-coffee-open-mic

The quiet coffee shop that has pastries and espresso during the day makes a shift to beer and wine that cost $7 and $8 dollars respectively during the night time hours.  They also hire a chef who prepares delicious tapas for $8.  This is the best deal in town.

Anyone can participate in the open mic but there are regulars who are also friends.  Here is the kicker, all the performers are really, really good.  They are singer-songwriters playing mostly original work that has been well rehearsed.  It’s a delight to be able to have this in the Harlem neighborhood.

Be sure to check out this incredible coffee shop during the day that transforms into a showcase for some of the city’s burgeoning young talent.


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