Sourdough Flatbread Pizza with Fresh Garden Sage

By Seth Fera-Schanes

It’s possible to live in fast paced New York City but still have a taste of the slow life.  Two ways to do this are gardening and baking.  Both require time and patience but the rewards are worth the effort.

If you don’t have access to a community garden you can use your roof, fire escape or an indoor garden is perfect.  Growing herbs indoors is simple and all you need is a little sage for this recipe.  Plus with the extra sage you can cleanse your apartment by making a smudge stick.

Fresh Sage in Harlem Community Garden

After harvesting the sage, prepare your favorite sourdough pizza crust recipe.  I like King Arthur’s recipe; it’s straightforward and doesn’t take a lot of time.

I went for the super thing crust which turned out crispy and was very much like a sourdough flatbread/cracker.  I par baked the crust for a few minutes, then brushed on some extra virgin olive oil and placed one layer of fresh sage on the crust.  I then added one thinly sliced glove of garlic and some thinly sliced white onion.  I sprinkled on a little course sea salt to taste and then finished baking until golden brown.
Sourdough Flatbread Pizza with Fresh Sage


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