Things to do in New York City

Things To Do In Domino Park

Domino Park, the former sugar factory has a new life as a stellar waterfront park that is perfect for individuals and families.

The park is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and not overly complicated to visit.  So, what can you do in this park?Domino Park in Williamsburg Brooklyn

Bocce Ball

There are 2 courts available for people to use.  If you have never played Bocce before, the premise is simple: team’s roll their bocce balls and try to get as close as they can to the smaller pallino.  Basically it is the perfect relaxing park game with friends.  Bocce Ball Court at Domino Park


If you want to increase the activity level, an immaculate volleyball court is right next to bocce.  With perfect sand and sweeping views of the Manhattan skyline this is a solid city court.  Beach Volleyball at Domino Park


You can see the Manhattan Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge and Williamsburg Bridge from the park.  Add to that a view of the Statue of Liberty that is framed by the bridges, the World Trade Center, Chrysler Building, Empire State Building and so many more iconic NYC buildings, this is a park where you should bring your DLSR and a tripod.  View of Manhattan from Domino Park

Activities for Kids

Fountains, playground and a sweet mini skate and bike park, this is a perfect area for families with kids. Walkway at Domino Park


Visit the taco shop or bring your own food and find a patch of grass or any of the nice wooden lounge chairs and benches.  If you arrive in the evening, you can watch the lights throughout the city come on as the sun sets over the Hudson. Domino Sugar Factory


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