21 Activities In Brooklyn Bridge Park

By Denise Oliveira

If you haven’t been to Brooklyn Bridge Park – the 1.3-mile waterfront stretch along the East River, just west of Brooklyn Heights – here are 21 great reasons why you should. It’s a great place to spend an entire day, just take a stroll, or share a meal with friends. It’s easy to get to by subway (any of the stops in or around Brooklyn Heights) or via water taxi from Manhattan.

1. Kayak

2. Take your kids to a free performance at Summer Stage Kids

Kids Stage Brooklyn Bridge Park

3. Get ice cream at Ample Hills 

Ample Hills Ice Cream

4. Play basketball

Brooklyn Bridge Park Basketball

5. Grill with your friends

BBQ In Brooklyn Bridge Park

6. Throw your kid’s birthday party

7. Enjoy the summer pop-up pool


8. Enjoy the sandy beach next to the pop-up pool

Brooklyn Bridge Park Beach

9. Have a drink or ice cream at Fornino

Fornino Pier 6

10. Have some pizza on the rooftop at Fornino

Fornino Rooftop

11. Take your kids to the playground


12. See public art (for example, this full scale replica of the Statue of Liberty’s draped sleeve, by Dahn Vo)

Public Art In Brooklyn Bridge Park

13. Take your kids to the rope swings

Rope Swings

14. Sit and take in the view

15. Play soccer

Soccer In Brooklyn Bridge Park

16. Sunbathe

Sunbathe by the Brooklyn Bridge

17. Play volleyball

Volleyball Pier 6

18. Take your kids to the water sprinklers

Water Pier 6

19. Throw a ball with your friends

Throw ball

20. Stroll in the leafy shade

Stroll In Brooklyn Bridge Park

21. Sit and read

Sitting and Reading In Brooklyn Bridge Park

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