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Are Lime Bikes Available in New York City?

Lime Bikes, the dockless bike-sharing company has not yet made its way into New York City.  Lime is among a number of start-ups all vying to get into the city.  Current options remain docked Citi bikes and bike rental places around NYC.  However, I am excited for the future prospect of the on-demand model as well as a mixture of pedal and electric scooters and bikes.

Lime Bike Company

Currently, if you want to try Lime you will need to head up to Yonkers and White Plains just outside the city.  Yonkers is actually perfect because a number of bikes are stationed right at the entrance of the South County Trailway.
Lime Bikes in Yonkers

If you are looking for a weekend activity, download the Lime app, hop on Metro North and check out a bike for a couple hours for a shaded ride along the Saw Mill River on the trail.

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