Escape from New York: Extended Travel

Spring In Switzerland

There are plenty of direct flights and deals from New York City area airports to Switzerland. With a flight time of just under 8 hours outbound, Switzerland should be a consideration for your next trip.

On a recent adventure to the country, I was able to visit 4 large cities as well as some smaller towns along the way.

Travel in Geneva

Situated along one of the largest lakes in Western Europe, Geneva has plenty of opportunities for boating, bike riding along the shore, swimming or just lounging and enjoying a drink in the late afternoon.

Geneva is also a short 1 hour car ride from Annecy if you felt inclined to do a day trip to France.

This city was one of the cleanliest I have been to while traveling (with the exception of the 4 other cities I visited on this trip….)

Travel in Bern

Bern was a highlight of the trip for a couple of reasons. This idyllic city (and yes, there is an argument to be made that adjective can be applied to just about every place in Switzerland) straddles a winding river and is set to the backdrop of snowcapped mountains. It’s location is also perfect for a day trip to Interlake or Lucerne. Each of those cities are a 1 hour train ride from Bern.

Travel in Basel

Another city located along a river, Basel has a gorgeous old town and you can spend hours walking along the streets or simply hopping onto one of the light rail train cars that meander around.

Basel is also close to both France and Germany and if you wanted to step into multiple countries in one day for the sake of a blog post you could do just that.

Travel in Zurich

Zurich was actually the first and last city I visited in Switzerland. I was able to get a cheaper flight from JFK and once I landed, I headed to the train station to go to Geneva, then worked my way back to Zurich for the last 2 days of the trip.

Zurich is a world financial hub and there is plenty of high end shopping to go along with it. Zurich has everything from really expensive watches to really expensive chocolate to really expensive salads and beers. There is a running theme in Switzerland that everything costs a lot of money (all travel sites talk about this and it’s 100% accurate.) However, if you travel in the offseason such as early Spring there are deals to help save your bank account some trouble.

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