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30 Reasons to Visit Switzerland

Swiss Cities

Immaculate might be the perfect way to describe cities in Switzerland. I was hard-pressed to find so much as a stray wrapper as I walked around and explored.

Transportation within and between cities is also a thing of (Swiss) precision. The trains are on-time, run consistently and make travel in the country very easy.

Switzerland also offers plenty of parks and areas for locals and tourists to just sit and enjoy the day.

Swiss Countryside

One of the main reasons people visit Switzerland. It seems every location has a snowcapped mountain as a backdrops, a glacial blue lake, meandering stream or rolling green hills dotted with sheep.

When you go to Switzerland, staying in a large city to take advantage of lodging and transportation is great but make the effort to get into the countryside as often as possible.

Swiss Food

With plenty of influence from surrounding counties (France, Germany and Italy) the cuisine tends to change based on where you are in the country. I would also suggest looking for seasonal or regional dishes when traveling and in the Spring, asparagus is the way to go. Also make sure to order cheese and chocolate at every stop along the way.

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