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International Performing Star Princess Long Long Working To Build A Global Connection

By Nick Christophers

It comes as no surprise that singer/writer/activist Princess Long Long has managed again to bridge the gap between nations. Her performances have been praised by nobility from Europe to Asia, from her being an honorable guest at the Crown Prince of Italy’s costume party to taking on the red carpet at Cannes.

She has been a force in the fashion industry as well. Showcasing her amazing designs everywhere she goes. Her connection to the UN has been beneficial as the Ambassador of many organizations in world affairs. Also, her participation in charity activities for the nobility and performing and designing contests has allowed her to cultivate major contacts with kings, queens, princes’ and princess worldwide. But most of all she has proven to be a multi-talented woman, not to mention her exotic beauty.

Only recently she was invited by the French International Orchidée d’or Newborn Source Committee for a red-carpet event showcasing a major shoe brand. The shoe designer was Charles Jourdan who creates luxury shoes in Paris. Princess Long Long had the honor of showcasing a pair of his shoes on the red carpet of Cannes Film Festival Opening Ceremony. On the carpet she posed with CEO of Charles Jourdan, Jean Ferrandiz and with Social Activist, Tatiana Soubbotina.

“I was surprised that I was chosen to model the shoes. It was an honor to do so. I was modeling it as a celebrity. They thought I would be great since they appreciated my style and persona.”

Princess Long Long wears many hats in her travels around the world. She is the UNWTO affiliated Blue Community Global Goodwill Ambassador, Ambassador of Cultural Diversity for Cultural Diversity and Inclusive event at 70th Cannes Film Festival, National Council of Woman of the US Ambassador of Humanitarian Culture & Arts and Partners for UN Director of Culture & Arts Division. It is no wonder why she is in such demand to perform at different events worldwide. An example would be this past January where she performed at the Arabian Gala-Davos which was a World Economic Forum held at the Hotel Bunda Garden.

While at the Cannes Festival in May 2019 she was interviewed by Gala Magazine one of the top entertainment magazines in France. The focus of her interview was how enamored everyone was by her creative costumes. She definitely left an impact on the guests and celebrities at the global event. 

“They were interested in me so much because of how I had a different style of dress every day. Some photographers called me as ‘a photographers dream’! The magazine approached me about the interview and I obliged.”

Princess Long Long has made it her mission to present a different type of Chinese woman. Many believe Asian women are typically timid but she is far from that. She is “wild and colorful” in a positive way and represents the fusion of East and West like no other. At Cannes she performed at the Global Bridge Gala to a mesmerized audience.  

After her performance a Hollywood producer Steve Nia, approached her at the event about being a part of his upcoming projects. The first one is entitled “Crossroads of Shaolin” and the second is “Chinese Schindler” they are both in pre-production currently. Nia would like to utilize Princess Long Long not only for her powerful vocals but also her outstanding acting abilities.

Continuing her participation overseas she performed in Monaco at such events like Madeleine Zepter’s Chevalier de l’ordre des Arts et des Lettres grand ceremony, to the Great Gatsby Party at Villa de Rothschild, and most importantly being received by Prince Albert II of Monaco at the Beach Club Monte-Carlo. There she was able to present her songs in a new version and in multi-languages. On top of that Princess Long Long connected with world renowned jewelry maker Sarah Faberge. They will be soon working together to create fairytale projects related to the dragon family, which is a part of Princess Long Long’s lineage.

Back in America she had the pleasure of being sought after by well-known creative talent Earl Cohen. After hearing her sing Earl wrote a glowing letter about how impressed he was with her talent and how he would like to tap into it and create some musical releases.  Cohen’s vision of Princess Long Long is evident in his quote; “The future is beyond our imagination for Princess Long Long!” Cohen Productions has worked with the likes of Lady Gaga and many other major acts.

“I believe that the world is becoming global with no boundaries. The internet has a lot to do with that how it brings people together from all over. We are all bound to become one voice and one people on mission of world peace.”

On another note Princess Long Long is looking to develop her own project called “Moon Goddess” which is a collection of her own Chinese mythology stories. They are fairy tales that she is hoping to release as a book or even a movie. Princess Long Long has been on a mission of unity and globalization for all races. Through her performances and visits to various nations she has shared her vision and hopes to carry that idea onward.

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