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A New Kind of Comic Con That Caters To The Creators By The Creators: INBEON CON

By Nick Christophers

There are so many comic cons lately it is hard to keep track sometimes. There are the big ones like NYCC at the Jacob Javits Center and Cradle Con.  But the smaller ones have begun to move in and make some noise. On July 25 at the Student Center of Hofstra University was one of the up and coming Con’s, called INBEON CON. This convention is different than most as it is set up by the creators for the creators. It ‘s in its 5th year and has had eight shows so far.

The attractive part of the show is that it is geared toward family so you can find folks of all ages. You can find all types of artists from cartoonists to sculptors. All of the creators are indie artists looking to make their mark in the comic world.  Even though the space was not that big it was intimate and you felt at home with the artists. Most of shows you go to are overcrowded which takes the fun out it all.  The con is directed by event producer Eric Hutchison. We came across one of the assistants of the show who offered his thoughts.

“Our show is different as it is by the artists for the artists not for some big company. You go other conventions which are great but there you have the exhibitors and celebrities that cast a shadow over the artists, especially the indie ones. Here they are in the forefront,” said Sebastian Bonet.

It is their second year at Hofstra and it has been working well. They are looking to expand and add one more day but do not want to take away the intimate element it offers.  To the INBEON crew it’s meant to be a family environment for everyone. In attendance were all types of talent from local artists, costume designers, animators, and game developers. The spotlighted artist for this year’s show was Lina Almonte  an amazing 3D printer, you can check out her video on the INBEON website below.

For something smaller and closer to the artists this is the Con to attend.

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  1. I had the pleasure of attending an INBEON CON and picks up a-lot of amazing original art. It was really a welcoming environment!

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