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New Jersey Native Who Served Her Country Now Serves To Help Others With Her New Book

By Nick Christophers

It is not very often we hear about woman in combat and their stories, but one lady has graced us with an eye opening look into her experiences during her 22 months overseas. Magda Khalifa is a true patriot who took it upon herself to make a difference and help anyway she could after witnessing the 9/11 attacks in New York City. She found her place by enlisting in the Army and was on her way to defend the country she loved so much.

“After witnessing 9/11 I was moved to do something. I didn’t have any skills that were needed at Ground Zero, so I felt helpless. That’s when I decided to join the military.”

Magda left her family, career and good life behind to serve. She did her training at Fort Bragg, North Carolina in Civil Affairs, a job which includes meeting with local elected officials and tribal leaders and building relations to help support US military objectives. After completing her training she volunteered to go to Iraq and supported different units throughout the country.

During her two tours in Iraq, which included participation in both Battles of Baqubah and Surge operations, she narrowly missed being harmed several times, despite serving as a turret gunner on top of her team’s HMMWV vehicle. She sensed then that an angel was watching over her, and believes that angel was SPC Nichole M. Frye, her friend and battle-buddy that was killed in 2004. It was often timing and luck that kept Magda from being in the vehicle that was hit by a roadside bomb attack or worse. The enemy was advancing their tactics against coalition forces as fighting increased. All these experiences helped build her into a better person in many ways. Upon returning to the United States in 2007 she struggled with transitioning back to being a civilian, like so many other veterans. Few of the resources for veterans today were around then.

Despite her struggles, she eventually started her first business and over the years found a way to turn her life around.  She released her debut book, “American DREAM:  Discipline, Resilience, Endurance, Accountability and Mentorship to Succeed and Win in Life” in October of 2019. Within a month it became a best-seller on Amazon. The book not only highlights her North Jersey upbringing, as a first-generation American, and her experiences during her two tours but also offers pointers of how an individual can better themselves in their life. She developed what is called the “Freedom Triangle” which maps out specific areas in which to master for a truly unleashed life. The book subtly identifies the iconic new supertall in the New York City skyline that emblazons the powerful Freedom Triangle she coined.

“I shared my experiences in a way that could help others. The book evolved as I started writing it and I discussed the epiphanies I had as I worked on it, to show others they have the power to access the recesses of their minds as well. Reconcile your past, so you can surge your future.”

Magda is very humbled by the private messages from readers she receives on how the book has helped them in different ways. Currently, she is working on a self-assessment program that anyone can download – a road map to navigate through.  Her goal is to serve others since she has been blessed to be alive for that reason. And that reason is to give back to others and help improve lives. She is a woman who has completed one mission and is now building on a new one. To keep up with her book signings and other speaking engagements go to the site below to sign up for her newsletter.

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