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Delicious Belgian and Dutch Foods

Belgian Food and Drinks

Before I go on a trip, I make a list of all the local food I want to try. The list always includes traditional fare, something of cultural or culinary significance and food that might push my comfort level from what I normally eat.

Belgium and Holland both offer a wide variety of food options from the sweet to the savory with plenty of high quality beers to accompany the dishes along the way.

There are 2 types of Belgian Waffles; Brussels and Liege. This is a Brussels and my personal favorite.
When in Belgium, eat the fries.
Heineken at an outdoor cafe in The Hague
Lots of delicious beers in Belgium
St. Feuillien beer in Belgium
Beer, mussels and fries. Perfect meal in Belgium.
Flemish dish: eel in green sauce. Be sure to order this on your trip.
Traditional Flemish dish: rabbit in brown sauce. Make sure you order this one as well!

Dutch Food and Drinks

Dutch pancake is required when visiting Holland.
Stroopwafel freshly made at the farmers market in the morning
Poffertjes covered in powered sugar. Another perfect bite.
Mushroom soup in Ghent.
Smoked mackerel at a local market in Holland.
Gouda cheese in Gouda.
Make sure you stop by these stands to get a herring sandwich.
Pickled herring sandwich. An affordable, perfect food to eat while walking around Holland.
Open face smoked mackerel sandwich.
Salted cod with parmesan.

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  1. When Seth Fera-Schanes travels it’s a “wonderful treat” in store for us all….it’s almost like being there with him! The foods, the photos, the descriptions are so compelling… you definitely want to keep your passport handy! THANKS always!!!

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