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Actor And Singer Jason Lee Carving Out His Own Image In New York

By Nick Christophers

Jason has always been attracted to the arts in every shape way and form whether it be hands-on or visually. He participated in art-related activities throughout his life. It was not until he began working in a theatre company did the acting bug took root.  After his theater company won an award at the Taipei Fringe Festival. At that point he felt he needed to spread his wings and reach another chapter in his acting journey. The play which he won the award for was “The Notes of an Insect”, a stage adaptation of Franz Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis.” 

“It was my first time to act in an experimental piece, and I had to be trained to embody different kind of physical techniques and movements. It was a challenging process for every cast member’s physicality and mentality, and I was glad that the hard work really paid off.”

Jason had already established himself as a performer on the rise. With the knowledge he obtained Jason was on the look-out for any opportunity that presented itself. At first, he was more interested in music and played many instruments and sang songs.  To this day he still takes vocal lessons and attends music theater auditions. Yet acting is the medium he feels most comfortable and successful with.

He has already performed in many Off-Broadway productions like the “Here to Recruit You” a musical about Harvey Milk and the classic “Gypsy”. He strives to what he calls “a triple threat” to have more than one skill a singer, actor, and dancer. This enables him to be open to more opportunities. Another benefit is the many languages he has performed In English, Mandarin, Taiwanese, and French. Even though he has taken on many stage roles he enjoys working in front of a camera via TV or film.

Jason had locked in a continuous role in the series “Eighty 12” which is a coming-of-age story. It follows twelve characters, each based on one of the Zodiac signs, and, over the course of seven episodes, their stories interweave and sum up in the final episode. His role is Libran, a character based off the sign Libra. He is a foreign exchange student living overseas for the first time, and he is struggling to adapt to his new life and to fit into the school. He is feeling guilty of leaving his family behind, at the same time realizing that they want him to follow his dreams. On top of that, he falls in love with a girl in class and is trying to express his feelings to her. It is a story that anyone can relate to and develop a connection to it. The show streams on Amazon Prime.

Now he is due to work on a new series called “CherryBomb” which is a comedy made to promote female empowerment and representation of immigrants in the United States. The first season is currently in post-production. Jason has come far for the short time he has been in New York within the acting game. Be on the look out for the upcoming series “CherryBomb” it should be another notch on Jason’s acting belt.

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