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Actor Justin Marcel McManus Building His Career One Role At A Time

By Nick Christophers

It has come as no surprise that the entertainment business is operating on half a tank lately. Yet some actors and actress have not allowed that to hamper their drive and desire to grow. This would be the case for actor/photographer Justin Marcel McManus. He has managed to not only capture amazing images via his camera but locked in roles for TV shows.

Justin first was attracted to the art of acting before developing into a fashion photographer. He became a member of the Actors Studio where he would climb the acting ladder. Photography is a creative outlet for Justin when he is not booked for acting work. Justin has managed to lock in some good roles on the TV side. From being on shows like “Blue Bloods” and the recent “Power Book II: Ghost” he has proven to be a sought-after talent.

“Acting is much more demanding for me.  It’s a tough business of rejection but when you finally get that call all the other 250 NO’s make it all worth it.  It is a craft that needs constant learning and willingness to share your deepest fears or secrets with the world.”

On his current role as Jabari Reynolds on the show “Power Book II: Ghost” he has had the pleasure of working with such talents like Melanie Liburd (This is Us, Gypsy), Woody McClain (Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G.) and Michael Rainey Jr. (Orange Is the New Black, Power). Justin would love to work with such talents like Denzel Washington, Maharshal Ali, Leonard DiCaprio, Al Pacino, Viola Davis, and Zendaya.

“I’m devoted more to my acting.  It’s my true love and passion.  My photography is a passion for me but it’s more of a creative pastime that I enjoy when I have the free time from acting which always comes first for me.”

Besides “Power Book II: Ghost” Justin has also completed two shorts “The Separatists” and “Ladies Cheap Cocktails”. Since the spike in COVID-19 cases it is harder for productions to continue but Justin has a positive outlook that this soon will pass, so he can offer his talent to upcoming possibilities. He is becoming a sort after actor who will surprise most for his passion for acting.

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