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English Import Graces The Screen And The Stage

By Nick Christophers

The ever-versatile actress, Adwoa Duncan-Williams has made new strides in her quest to be a sought-after talent. After graduating from The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts, it was only a matter of time before her face would shine on the silver screen. When she first did background work for the highly acclaimed “Return of Skywalker” film she knew this is where she had to me and merely forged forward.

Since doing the background work she has come into the foreground. She has landed lead roles in a few new projects, one being the digital series “Ms/Manage” which is composed of 8 Episodes for the first season. It is being produced by 220th Street Productions. The director Caralene Robinson is also working on a BETHer major network film among 4 other influential female directors in the film industry where Adwoa has a part in as well. The later project is part of a health initiative film series. The series “Ms/Manage” is an interesting story that follows a woman’s trial and tribulations in the corporate world.

“I applied for the role through an acting casting site. My Executive Director, Caralene Robinson who is a 4x Emmy award nominee for a previous series she directed, had mentioned that the production company had been casting for some time and were on a strict timeline to cast the star of the series- however it was not going as wanted for the director and producers on the series. They felt they hadn’t found Skye completely (who is my character, and lead of the series). She had mentioned the night I applied, she had prayed for my character to apply to audition the next day and that evening my application had come through. I went through a few auditions and then fortunately, Caralene and her team had brought me in for some chemistry reads with other characters on the show. I found out I had secured the star role of Skye Johnson in the Digital Series Ms/Manage 5 days before shooting started. I remember when we wrapped a few weeks later, my director had told me the story of when they were trying to cast Skye, and how blown away the team was with my auditions and ability.”

The short film “Almost enough” which will air on the national network BETHer was directed by American record executive and Talent Manager Mona Scott-Young and is a 5-part series due out in July 2021 via BETHer Major Network. The 5 films set to air on the network BET Her is brought to us by the talented work of Vivica A Fox, Caralene Robinson (Ms/Manage), Yvette Nicole Brown, Ta’rhonda Jones and Mona Scott-Young. The film also stars music entrepreneur and manager to the stars, Yandy Smith-Harris and actress Kellita Smith who is known for “Sister, Sister”, “In Living Color” and “The Bernie Mac Show”.

Check out her work on YouTube.

Adwoa is not one to slow down as she just wrapped up filming the feature film entitled “Specturm” where she also plays the lead. There will be theatre screening for this film in September of 2021 along with festival submissions.That project captures a very human element where Adwoa plays the character of a female detective who is suffering from Stage 4 breast cancer but wants to solve a string of horrific crimes before succumbing to the disease. The project definitely is a touching story that has you routing for her character to succeed.

“I wouldn’t say I was surprised at locking lead roles, because I know I work hard. However, I would say it’s been more of a humbling experience to go through- to be recognized for what I’m bringing to these characters as a Film and TV actor as well as in Theatre. I’m just thankful that I can do this professionally, especially during a time where we’ve been in a global pandemic.”

On the stage she filmed a theatre production monologue compilation play by the Production Company Black Latina Productions. Even on this project she has managed to take on the lead role. The play is entitled “Of Mothers and Men” which will be available via Pay-Per-View and be performed at The Wild Project Theatre in New York in the summer. Adwoa welcomes to work either theatre or film,even though each has different layers as you learn to adapt to them. From the shores of the UK to the hustle and bustle of Manhattan Adwoa has proven she belongs on the stage or the silver screen here.

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