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Celebrity Match Featuring The Naked Cowboy vs Champion Anthony Patanella

By Nick Christophers

It has been a long road for the young boxer Anthony Patanella to reach a celebrity status. He has taken it all in stride and has stayed humble. A characteristic trait which has helped him to be where he is today. Anthony has been tagged with the nickname “Stallone” based on his Italian heritage and the way he approaches boxing. But before he slid the gloves on, he was an avid wrestler. He was a member of the IWF (Independent Wrestling Federation) which was around 1999. An unfortunate injury caused him to look into another contact sport.

Hence, he jumped into a ring and boxing became his passion. In-between his departing from wrestling and then moving on to boxing he also dabbled in modeling. The modeling was a helpful tool on how he presents himself in the ring and everywhere he goes. Anthony had the pleasure of meeting the brother of Sly Stallone, Frank. Frank suggested for Anthony to link up with the Celebrity Boxing Federation which opened a different door for Anthony.

So here we are in 2021 and Anthony has been presented with a match against a character that has been a staple in the Times Square area of Manhattan. His opponent is the self-proclaimed “Naked Cowboy” not an individual that you think would enter a boxing ring. But on July 3rd Anthony will be face to face with him in a celebrity match.

The match came about after Anthony poked fun at the Naked Cowboy after watching him hitting a punching bag on an Instagram post.  He then put up a vote if he would accept a match against him. It turned out that the Naked Cowboy accepted, and the match was soon set in stone.

“This is as real as it gets for Celebrity Boxing. He is taller than me and weighs more than me but with my experience I know I can beat him, and it will look easy doing it when it happens. I have called out Ronnie Ortiz Margo from the MTV’s Jersey Shore back in 2010 and he accepted my challenge. I would fight Jose Canseco, Lamar Odom, Mike Tyson, it doesn’t matter.”

This will be an interesting match to say the least. Honestly, Anthony may have an upper hand in this case. He has already two boxing championships in two different weight divisions. One was the CBF Light- Heavyweight Title and the other is the WXE Cruiserweight Championship. Currently, Anthony is also in talks to set up bouts with YouTube Star WideNeck or YouTube Star FatBoy. One of his motivations for a comeback fight would be to do it in honor of his late grandmother, Mariann Luciano, who passed on recently. Similar to his moniker “Stallone” he is always fighting to reach the highest level in the boxing game and to prove he is more than what people expect. So, keep your ears and eyes peeled for the bout of 2021 between Anthony Patanella vs The Naked Cowboy. My money is on Anthony.

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