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Filipino Martial Arts Master Offers Rare Form Of Self-Defense

By Nick Christophers

In recent years the desire to defend ones-self has been more popular than ever before. It is no surprise with how the level of crime has risen over the years. Hailing from the far-off nation of the Philippines, Master Guro Abon “Garimot” Baet has brought over a rare form of self-defense which has begun to gain popularity within the US.

He has been training since 1969 which is about 50 plus years. Mr. Baet has studied Arnis de Mano, Eskrima, Estocada, (all based on Blades, stick, and knifes) Garimot Buno (Filipino Wrestling). These disciplines have been part of his nations culture way before he was born. One of the systems he uses dates to 1637 called Larong Moro-Moro-The Mother Arts of Arnis de Mano. As far as the wrestling goes it is also derived from two native systems Mangyan and Aetas. One of the systems of Arnis and Eskrima was formulated by Mr. Baet’s grandfather Jose P Baet in 1930. His father Felipe “Garimot “ Baet, taught  him and his brothers the art in the early of 1970’s.

“I start teaching here in the US on 1989, Under my family system “Garimot Arnis Training” then I founded: Garimot Buno – Filipino Wrestling on 1993 (Formerly Harimaw Buno Federation USA.”

As you can see it became a family tradition to keep up this ancient art form.  Since being involved in this martial art Mr. Baet would compete as well. He competed in a Stick fighting Tournament (Unpadded Stick fighting) from 1978-1985, with no defeats. Mr. Baet would enter competitions from town to town in the Philippines, like Paete, Lumban, Magdalena, MaJay-jay, LuisianA, Siniloan, Paete, which are all in the Province of Laguna. It is equally important to note that Mr. Baet also was inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

So far, this art form is worldwide in countries like the US, Venezuela, Panama, Haiti, Argentina, Netherlands, France, and Canada. The art form is taught to all ages there is no one age group. Typically, it would take an individual around three months to get acclimated in the art form. This also depends on how serious someone takes it to judge how far they can go.

The main base of operations to learn more about this art form would be through Mr. Baet at the GARIMOT ARNIS TRAINING INTERNATIONAL in Pembroke Pines, Florida the website is below. For anyone searching for an alternative to self-defense training this is the place to be.

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