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Full Figure Model Sonia Rivera Proving She Has What It Takes

By Nick Christophers

Hailing from the rough streets of Brooklyn, Sonia Rivera has seen it all. From shootouts to all types of street level crime. But she did not allow the streets to swallow her up instead she used those experiences to make her stronger. Sonia worked hard to climb out of the darkness that surrounded her and made it into a positive. When she was a young lady, she managed to become a backup dancer with local performers until her mother stopped her from being involved in fear of what may become of her. She eventually would go into modeling for five years, but it did not last long since back in those days short models were not popular.

Then life got in the way, and she was soon married, and her dreams were put on stand-by. That would change many years down the line after her divorce when she returned to modeling. At this point is when she began building her career doing ads and runways like at Miami Fashion Week. Only recently she competed in Fabulous Over 40’s Magazine contest. Where she was competing with women across the US. The voting for that contest will take place on October 10th.

Within in 2022 she was voted Ms. Exquisite Full-Figured USA NY and Ms. Full Figured USA NY Fashionista. The nationwide title will be on November 12th which will take place in Atlanta, GA. There are twenty-one contestants in the running. The requirements to win the title are based on Q&A’s, etiquette, speech patterns, confidence, day wear and evening wear. Each contestant will have to present a platform. Sonia chose hers to be “How to survive a narcissistic relationship.”

“Whether I win or not I am still a winner. I feel very confident with my chances. It is about time they noticed the real full-figured woman a real woman. In the past the norm was the skinny type but that has changed

since women have curves. I was approached by my director if I wanted to enter and won to be placed in the running.”

Sonia has been a part of many runways over the years but one that has stood out for her was, the Corinne Fashion World Uptown New York. For her, Corinne treated her models like humans and called them by their names not numbers it was organized in a professional way. The event was held in Harlem, NY.

Only recently, Sonia took part in the filming of the feature film “She’s Broken”. She played alongside actor Derek Kendall and Jay Vegas. At this time, she cannot reveal much about the project, but it is due to be released in the Fall.

On the horizon Sonia is working on releasing three books each on a different subject. The first “Rise of a Broken Woman” and the second “Reflections” they will be on a personal level and close to her heart. Following these two will be a rare subject of a collection of erotic poetry. Sonia is always on a mission to shock as well as surprise everyone with her talents and style.

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