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A Cut Above The Rest San Giuseppe Cigars Hosts Wild Game Dinner

By Nick Christophers

It is one thing to have steak or chicken for dinner but when you’re served venison, wild boar, and elk it’s a whole other animal. That was what San Giuseppe Cigars was offering the packed house at the family type restaurant Patrizia’s in Hicksville, Long Island.  The cigar company has been active for almost three years but has made its mark on the cigar circuit. Owners Joe Bonanno and Jaysen Messina have prided themselves on putting out a quality cigar that has captured not only the casual smoker but celebrities as well.

Only recently did they solidify a partnership with golf legend John Daly and Major League Cigars and released a new product calling it the ‘John Daly Cigar’. They also have a special connection with New York Mets Jose Reyes with the release of the Home Plate Box that includes 10 Toro Cigars Signed Boxes are Exclusively Numbered (1-500).  In addition, they have also partnered up with Fergie Jenkins , 91  Hall of Fame pitcher from the Chicago Cubs. The recent event was a collaboration between Louis of Patrizia’s and Joe Bonanno to hold an evening of elite dining along with premium cigars.

Despite the inclement weather the turn out was great and even legendary boxer / actor Vito Antefurmo dropped by to enjoy the amazing meal. Joe has been a hunter all his life which he learned from his father and thought why not utilize his skills as such and have guests enjoy the elk, wild boar, and venison. The rare food and exquisite cigars would be a great combination.

“My Dad got me into the sport of hunting since I was a young man. I have enjoyed venison with friends and relatives who also hunt so it has always been a part of my life.”

Joe has also been a cigar aficionado all his life and wanted to build on his love of cigars. He traveled to the Dominican Republic and connected with cigar manufactures to produce an elite cigar brand. Joe also used his family crest as the label for the brand which originates from Castellamare Del Golfo in Sicily.  At this point is when Jaysen Messina entered the scene, and the company took off. Their first cigar event was in 2021 and was a success. At that point realizing the brands potential Joe acquired some factories / plantations to create their own blend which is a mix of Dominican and Ecuadorian. They also use a mixture of Pennsylvania and Dominican fillers for flavor.

“Our cigar is different and unique and has been tested with master blending to perfection, we have strong people behind it which separates us from others. The actual cigar, the branding, packaging, and connecting to folks like John Daly and Jose Reyes is what makes us stand out,” added Jaysen.

San Giuseppe Cigars is one of kind with its smooth flavor and rich aroma. They are looking to make this same event an annual one and even expanding it to offer more. Take it from me, a cigar lover myself, they put out a great stick that anyone would enjoy.

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