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Mind Boggling Techniques From Well Renowned Hypnotist Mark Yuzuik

By Nick Christophers

I know what many of you may say that this hypnotist stuff is fake or a scam. Believe me, I have the same thoughts. Yet there are some out there who have mastered this technique that has generated major success. One such artist is Mark Yuzuik. He has been active in this industry since 1988, which is a long stretch for an art that some find hard to grasp or accept.

His motivation to delve into this type of art was after he caught a show from a hypnotist at the Arizona State fair back in 1986. That hypnotist was Terry Stokes who would later train Mark in that specific art. As of this writing, Mark has performed over 10,000 hypnosis shows globally. He has toured with such names in the discipline like Robert Kiyosaki, Jay Abraham, Success resources International and so many others. But we must understand that Mark has studied human behavior for over 30 years in all its aspects people’s habits to negative thoughts etc. One of his beliefs is why not fix what causes the problems instead of trying to fix the problem.

“Not believing in something does not mean it doesn’t exist it just means that you are not clear what the understanding of hypnosis is. Not believing that a plane can fly doesn’t mean that planes can’t fly, people don’t really know what it is, so they simply say that it is not real. My job is to help them and entertain those with understanding the hypnosis world and how we can use it to better our lives.”

Mark views his expertise as a tool to help others realize their true potential and to avoid the negative energies surrounding their everyday lives. He has been known to be different than others in his field as one who connects with his audience in a unique and engaging way. That could be why his popularity has blown up worldwide. He has also toured with Country and rock acts in England, Romania, Poland, Singapore as well as all through Canada, Australia, Europe, South America, Caribbean and Virgin Islands and so many places.

Based on this success Mark then penned two books about his experiences and his technique titled “Cracking the rich code” and “Creating the life you want”. He would then develop his own podcast in 2020 called “Get Your Mind Set Podcast”. Currently, he has been busy doing 3-day live events called “Total Transformation” they take place in Las Vegas and Tampa, Florida. If you have any doubts about this unique art maybe one night with Mark Yuzuik will change your mind. To keep up with his shows check out his site below.

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