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Reem’0 Meerak: Radio Host and Educator Looking to Bring Back His Own Show

By Nick Christophers Kareem W. Tyson aka Reem’o Meerak has always been drawn to the entertainment field and wanted to make his mark in some manner. He eventually did when he hosted his own show called REEM TV Radio. The show lasted 11 episodes on YouTube and garnered […]

5th Anniversary of the Harlem Arts Festival

The Harlem Arts Festival is back at Marcus Garvey Park this weekend (June 25th-26th!)  We covered the festivities last year and it really is a wonderful community event.

You can easily access the park by most NYC subway lines exiting at the 125th street stop and then a short walk.  While you are in the neighborhood be sure to take advantage of some great restaurants, photo opportunities of historic brownstones and the local gallery scene.

Siblings Breaking Out with Musical and Artistic Talent

Typically in any family there is sibling rivalry at every turn but sometimes something magical happens. This would be the case with sisters Charlene and Liann Kaye who combined their talents for a lethal recipe. Charlene had the musical bug at a young age as Liann was touched by the angel of art. Their first attempt at meshing their work was when Charlene was jamming with local bands in Michigan. Liann, in her sophomore year took up a film class and gained some key pointers.

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